Brandon Abroad

Mystery stories for 8 - 12 year olds

Brandon Fletcher, age 10, and his family love to travel. They visit other countries and experience different cultures. Their amazing adventures include exploring the crumbling sites of ancient cities, walking through the wall-painted tunnels of prehistoric caves  and riding on the backs of elephants. For Brandon there is much more to his holidays. Everywhere he goes, he finds himself involved in a mystery. And he is the only one who can solve these mysteries.


The creator of the Brandon Abroad series is available for school visits in the London area (and possibly further afield in the UK). In classrooms he discusses the craft of writing and conducts stimulating and fun workshops that reflect his love of the English language. To arrange a visit to your school contact Al at al.morin2455@gmail.com. 

About me


  • dark chocolate-covered peanuts and raisins
  • my wife and friends and 99.99 % of children
  • tardigrades
  • words like ‘smithereens’ and ‘beserk’
  • Pluto (the dog and the dwarf planet – which should be a real planet!)
  • cycling and swimming and baseball and petanque
  • lists with bullet points


  • people who open sweets at the cinema
  • guns (except water pistols to shoot candle flames at funfairs)
  • mosquitos
  • getting dog muck on my shoes
  • boring board games
  • heights (like the third rung on a ladder)
  • thorns on blackberry bushes or rose bushes

I am a former primary school teacher who has now written a series about a London family who loves to travel abroad. I have been told by children and grown-ups alike that they enjoy joining the Fletcher family in their arguments and in their explorations of other countries. The series offers a unique opportunity for children to get a taste of the sights, people and cultures of different countries.


The Books

A new book is coming soon. Keep checking here for the publishing date.


An odd boy from another time. Mr Fletcher falsely arrested for robbery. Is there time for Brandon to solve the mystery and save his father?

“In the photo…I could make out something – the faint outline of a human figure!”

“From behind a large hand clamped over my mouth… something sharp pushed against my lower back.”


A bizarre story about a Maharaja’s curse. A long-lost priceless gem. Will Brandon be able to find the jewel and break the curse?

“The unsettling feeling remained. I closed my eyes and heard a strange sound…”

“We had to find that emerald. But where was it hidden?!”


A peculiar symbol on a prehistoric cave. A French boy with a family secret. Can Brandon and his new friend figure out what the image really means?

“At that moment there was a scream…Mum was in trouble!”

“…Something pale in colour was sticking out of the dirt. Bones. It was a human foot!”


The mysterious disappearance of newly-discovered lemurs. A strange old man who seems to know something about the missing creatures. Dangerous  animal kidnappers… Can Brandon find the lemurs – and save himself?

“A plan was forming. A plan that could save the lemurs!”
“Then I saw something. In the blackness, high in the trees were two tiny pinpoints of red light.”



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A must read!

I enjoyed this book thoroughly from start to finish. Through the witty character of Brandon and his amusing interactions with his English family this gripping mystery unfurls. A must read!

Wonderfully written

A hit in my Yr5 classroom book corner! A wonderfully written adventure story with a twist. Perfect chapter book for a young reader. It’s even got some of my reluctant readers page turning!


I like it because it’s mysterious and you wouldn’t think the bad guy is a bad guy. I liked it so much that it took me less than a day to read it!

A brilliant book

Brandon Abroad is a brilliant book with lots of adventure, humour and mystery. Our whole family enjoyed this book and we couldn’t wait to see what happened next…

Great storyline

I got this book for my 11th birthday from my mum and dad and really loved it. The storyline is great because it is unique and grabbed my attention straight away. The lead character Brandon is really witty, his arguments with his sisters remind me of when me and my brother sometimes wind each other up. A great and funny adventure… that I would definitely recommend to my friends!


Where Have You Been?

Let’s Go! Send photos of your travels – and they could be featured in this travel gallery.
The photos should NOT include a clear picture of yourself. Photos can come from other countries, to places in your city, to secret hideaways near your home. Email them to al.morin2455@gmail.com



Brandon is bored! During lockdown he has run out of things to do. The same old films are boring. Playing board games with his family is driving him crazy. Re-reading The Hobbit (for a third time) is not working. Even teasing older sister Hayley isn’t the same any more!

He needs something new. What do you do when you’re bored? Please share your ideas: silly games, weird target practice, building (or destroying) projects, cooking concoction – anything.

Meaningful or mindless, Brandon wants to know!

[Send them to Al’s website. It’s possible they’ll be put together in a book – with you given credit for your brilliant idea!]

Image result for world map"

Mr Fletcher’s Challenge

Dad has given Brandon and his sisters a list of possible travel destinations. But he’s intentionally misspelled the countries!
Can you figure out the real names?!
example:    Acadan   =  Canada
1.  Cergee  =                                          2. Tivamen =
3.  Rocomoc =                                      4.  Petgy =
5.  Coxime =                                          6.  Banilaa =
7.   Reducaro =                                     8.   Plane =
9.   Asperingo =                                    10.  Bazewbim =
11.  Azbril  =                                          12. Roywan =
13.  Nedranga =                                   14. Naldinf =
15. Darcamaska =                               16. Abigma =
17. Abonnel =                                       18. Anapma =
19. Rupe =                                            20. Sprucy =
Image result for dog frog"

Rhyming Challenge

Complete the couplets, make them crazy,
Tell your brain, “Don’t be lazy!”
example:   My father travelled to the South of France,
                    And he forgot to pack his underpants.
1. My little sister bought some chewing gum,
2. On Friday night I rode a high speed train,
3. Just this morning I was in the shower,
4. Suddenly my cat – she sat up straight
5. I turned on the telly, and what did I see?
6. I heard a sound and looked under the bed,
7. During the maths test, my pencil cried,
8. I looked out my window at the shining moon,

Missing Animals Challenge

Image result for extinct animals" Image result for panda"

In my next book the Fletcher family goes somewhere where there are amazing animals. But humans cut down forests and pollute the oceans and do things to make the Earth too hot.

Many animals are endangered. They could disappear completely.  

Write a paragraph or two about a favourite animal that is either already extinct (or could be very soon). Tell me why you miss this creature (or why you would miss it if became extinct). You could write about dinosaurs or mammoths or dodos (or snow leopards, rhinos or lemurs). Any creature who has ever walked, flew, crawled or swum on this wonderful living planet.

 Entries – do any or all of them!    [And look out for the new challenge at the beginning of each month!]

After telling your parents what you’re doing, send an email to al@brandonabroad.indelible.com

Be sure and include your full name. If you want, write a message telling me what’s happening in your life – what you’re reading, hobbies, adventures, what you’re doing in school, etc. – and when I have a free moment, I’ll write back.

The best entries will be listed below. (With your permission I might print your entire entry.)

Challenge Champs:

Jon Tubmen: aged 10, UK

Peter Larkin, aged 11, USA

Jennipher Wise, age 10, Canada

Contact Al:

You are welcome to contact me using this form...